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Born Digital: A Winning Customer Data Strategy

AN ORIGINAL SERIES FROM CONCENTRIX CATALYST, IN PARTNERSHIP WITH ADOBE Customers today demand a greater level of personalization. They share information with the brands they trust and expect experiences to... Read more

Catalyst Interview: Adobe Analytics Champion Gitai Ben-Ammi

Gitai Ben-Ammi, Principal Digital Strategist at Concentrix, was recently named an Adobe Analytics Champion. We talked to Gitai to illustrate why he was chosen for this honor, and how... Read more

How Sustainability Data Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Corporate environmental sustainability initiatives are increasingly important to enterprise organizations, and for good reason. According to Forrester, “As more government mandates take shape around the world, investor scrutiny on... Read more

Enterprise AI can’t succeed without enterprise information architecture

In 1967, Melvin Conway submitted a paper to Harvard Business Review called “How Do Committees Invent?” that described correlations between innovation, design of systems, and organizational group structures. Since... Read more

Enterprise data science is largely an engineering challenge

Hear me out, maybe just maybe, I might win some of you over. There is no taking away from the fact that building machine learning and AI algorithms are... Read more

Clinical business intelligence delivers personalized care

Improving care efficiency lies at the heart of major changes in healthcare organizations across the country. From reducing hospital readmissions to proactive total health management initiatives, the need to... Read more

Personalized healthcare: Building a digital customer profile

For many, getting the COVID vaccine seems like an inevitability. But how will you find out when it’s available? If you’re like me, you have no idea when you’ll... Read more

Redefining data science and machine learning

To develop end-to-end Machine Learning solutions, enterprises hire data scientists who are required to bridge the gap between science methods and engineering processes. However, most Data Scientists are not... Read more

Dipping your toes into machine learning with AWS Sagemaker AutoPilot

Having wanted to get started in the machine learning space for a while now, but being a bit intimidated by not being a “data scientist”, I was introduced to... Read more

Reviving theme parks with IoT Edge

Theme parks are facing numerous challenges due to the pandemic. Disneyland remains closed, and for those parks that have reopened, they’re dealing with long lines and paused projects. With... Read more