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Learning with Leaders: Automotive Cloud

Launching Salesforce Automotive Cloud As a design and launch partner for Salesforce Automotive Cloud, Concentrix is helping to drive the innovations that are moving the automotive industry forward. With... Read more

How to Win at CX with a Customer Data Strategy

Customer expectations evolve over time. Today, they demand a greater level of personalization than ever before. Customers share information with the brands they trust and, in return, expect experiences... Read more

How Provider Centricity Can Lead to Better Health Outcomes

In our whitepaper, Loyalty in Healthcare: Creating Connected Membership, we discussed how in a time of increasing consumerism and industry disruption, both payers and providers need to create stronger... Read more

Born Digital: A Winning Customer Data Strategy

AN ORIGINAL SERIES FROM CONCENTRIX CATALYST, IN PARTNERSHIP WITH ADOBE Customers today demand a greater level of personalization. They share information with the brands they trust and expect experiences to... Read more

From Fear to Fixed: How to Overcome a Bad SaaS Investment

We’ve all bought something and realized it wasn’t what we needed. We often return products, exchanging them for the right size or a different color. Even a car purchase... Read more

Loyalty Leaders: Salesforce for Automotive

SALESFORCE AND CONCENTRIX CATALYST JOIN FORCES IN THIS ORIGINAL VIDEO SERIES ON LEADING WITH LOYALTY The automotive industry faces a period of significant change. The rise of electric vehicles,... Read more

Reimagining CX For the Metaverse Economy

The metaverse (and the metaverse economy) is coming. Whether it’s the next evolution of online gaming, the future of streaming exercise classes, how we’ll shop for clothes, or even find... Read more

The Top 3 Digital Selling Tools Organizations are Prioritizing Right Now

As you’re probably well aware, we’re in the midst of a tight labor market, where talented employees have their pick of where to land. In addition, the economy currently... Read more

Follow the Seller: Contextual Enablement

Sellers today have access to an abundance of information, and sales enablement teams are tasked with helping sift and surface the right details at the right moment. Enablement technology... Read more

The Evolution of CX: How Emerging Technology Trends Can Empower the Individual

The convergence of physical and digital realities powered by Web3 and the metaverse is adding a new depth to the customer experience, sometimes literally. By expanding a customer’s experience... Read more