Catalyst Interview: Adobe Analytics Champion Gitai Ben-Ammi
POSTED : August 12, 2022
BY : Gitai Ben-Ammi

Gitai Ben-Ammi, Principal Digital Strategist at Concentrix, was recently named an Adobe Analytics Champion. We talked to Gitai to illustrate why he was chosen for this honor, and how his skillset created frictionless experiences for our clients’ end users.

Q: Tell me about yourself and your role at Concentrix Catalyst.

Gitai Ben-Ammi: I’ve been with Concentrix a little over a year now. I am a principal digital strategist, so I take data primarily from things like Adobe Analytics or other analytics tools and use that data to help our clients improve their digital experience, whether that’s on their website or in their apps.

Q: What is the Adobe Analytics Champion program, and why is it important?

Gitai Ben-Ammi: There many of applicants and each of us demonstrate how we are not only users of the tool, but also people who expand the use and understanding of it in a larger sense. All of us are involved in implementation, training, or evangelization. It’s like an Adobe Analytics influencer within the broader analytics community. Only 40 people were chosen out of the many who applied, so it’s a big deal to be chosen.

Q: What are the perks of belonging to the Adobe community that can help practitioners advance in their careers?

Source: Adobe

Gitai Ben-Ammi: All of us who have been in the Adobe community have learned a million different uses of the tool that were never intended by the product team, and we will find similar solutions for you. We have a lot of experience, and we’re going to save you a lot of time and effort. There’s a steep learning curve because there is so much versatility. And that’s the difference between some of the simpler analytics tools and Adobe Analytics—you can do a million things with it. Having someone who’s experienced means that they’ll have worked through a lot of these problems before. And rather than reworking that problem for hours or weeks, you can talk to one of us, and we’ll have a solution for you in five to ten minutes.

Q: How do you think that Adobe sees value in their partnership with Concentrix?

Gitai Ben-Ammi: I think there are many ways. Partially, it’s because we have a lot of people who excel at it, which gives us the ability to sell the product to clients as a good solution. We don’t want to sell the product because we’re partners with Adobe—we want to be partners with Adobe because the solution is a good one. As a Champion, I can provide a testimonial for Adobe Analytics with absolute sincerity because I truly believe it’s the best analytics product on the market and the integration with the rest of the Adobe stack is a huge advantage. So, I think that we benefit because Adobe gains credibility from someone who is an advanced user.

Q: In your opinion, what is it about our Adobe Analytics work that sets us apart from other vendors?

Gitai Ben-Ammi: Customer insight. Whenever I’ve worked with anybody on the Concentrix team, there has been more focus on how data relates to real people, and that’s something that we do extraordinarily well. I have worked for many different companies and many different Adobe Analytics instances, and there’s a bad tendency among analysts to get myopic about the data and not think about the reasons why people are creating that data through their actions. With Concentrix, what we see is how people’s concerns, motives, and incentives lead to the data that we see and how we can improve the experience for them.

Q: What is an Adobe Analytics innovation that you are looking forward to working with?

Gitai Ben-Ammi: I’m interested in machine learning-driven attribution models. Anybody who hears me talk about attribution models probably rolls their eyes because they’ve heard my spiel a million times. I have a lot of skepticism towards them, but I’m intrigued at what Adobe can do with machine learning. I think it might be the first truly evidenced-based attribution modeling.

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Gitai Ben-Ammi

Gitai Ben-Ammi

Principal Digital Strategist