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New horizons for utilities

On the heels of the digital revolution, the new era of digitally-empowered utilities has officially arrived. It’s predicted that the number of smart meters will grow to more than... Read more

Public utilities: Making the case for a mobile app

In the business of delivering energy to the public, it’s attractive to forgo the latest technological fads and focus on what matters: Delivering world-class service while being a responsible... Read more

Mobility, the cloud and innovation for the utilities sector

The latest blog insights from PK provides the current technological landscape for utility and manufacturing companies. Read more

How energy sector OEMs can increase profitability

For those of us working in energy sector OEMs, especially if you’re challenged with today’s low natural gas prices, efficiency means everything. Efficiency drives greater profitability and greater success.... Read more

Quit using Excel to run your energy business

Countless companies in the energy business still count on Excel to manage their sales, service, and operations. In today’s competitive world, however, that likely leads to missed sales opportunities;... Read more