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Better future spotlight

Our very own Experience Design Director at Concentrix Catalyst, Celso Borges, chats with CEO and Founder Mark Bergin of the Design Exec Club on the podcast, “Better Future Spotlight.” “The conversation traverses topics... Read more

Enterprise data science is largely an engineering challenge

Hear me out, maybe just maybe, I might win some of you over. There is no taking away from the fact that building machine learning and AI algorithms are... Read more

The Dynamic Enterprise, episode 1: Digital transformation is dead

Adapt your organization to a technological landscape that’s constantly changing and become a dynamic enterprise. Digital transformation is dead. As entire industries find themselves faced with the challenge of... Read more

Media Digital Experience Index 2020-2021

Building media digital experiences beyond the streaming platform The media digital experience has been upended. Consumers are streaming more and longer, forcing a shift in how media and entertainment... Read more

Making a complex UICollectionView layout with self-sizing cells (Part 2)

“Norwich City centre aerial” by John D Fielding is licensed under CC BY 2.0 In Part 1 I took you through the layout process of a UICollectionView with a custom UICollectionViewLayout that contains self-sizing cells. This post will continue... Read more

Why typography matters

Whether you realize it or not, typography is everywhere. We’re all type consumers. Typography plays a vital role in our everyday lives and we spend significant hours of our... Read more

Be effective with Bitrise CI for android – the lessons I learned the hard way

I won’t elaborate here on how important and crucial for any software development-oriented team the continuous integration (CI) practice is. I’m pretty sure we can all agree on how CI tools... Read more

Three new thoughts about Salesforce CPQ that will turn your world upside down

Sales teams often run into issues when trying to produce sales quotes for prospects quickly without making any errors. This is a common and recurring problem across industries and... Read more

Six tips for supporting Salesforce with a small team

Providing strong internal Salesforce support can make a pivotal impact on the platform’s success in your organization. Maintaining a squeaky clean database and leveraging the full value Salesforce provides... Read more

Four ways to grow sales with Pardot marketing automation

It’s no secret that today’s buyer’s journey looks much different from years past. Buyers are in control, and they want all the information they need to make an informed... Read more