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Getting started with spatial analytics in Alteryx

Heather Harris, Practice Director of Intelligence and Analytics at Concentrix Catalyst, Alteryx ACE and author of Citizen Gain: Citizen Data Scientists as the Catalyst for the Modern Analytics Strategy,... Read more

Leveraging AI and analytics to track the pandemic

Understanding the relationship between population health and geography has been vital to improving disease outcomes for centuries, but modern technology allows us to gain more precise insights. Today, global... Read more

How spatial analytics can help fight the Coronavirus

Everything happens somewhere, and this is as true for healthcare as any other industry. With the rapid spread of Coronavirus, spatial analytics are being used to inform the direction... Read more

Use your Alteryx badassery to grow your career and brand

The other day I did a LinkedIn search for job postings worldwide that mention “Alteryx” in the job posting. LinkedIn quickly returned 5,564 job postings! And, only 158 of... Read more

A world of opportunities: Seven ways to apply location intelligence

Applying location intelligence to your data transforms rows of spreadsheet records into a visual treasure map of spatial relationships and connections. Key insights practically reveal themselves. There are many... Read more

Hello, iterative macro, my old friend

In my last article in the series, we went through the basics of creating a macro and utilizing the interface tools. Also, if you read that blog, you know what is... Read more

Alteryx: It’s not about cramming your plate full

How many times have you said to yourself or preached to your co-workers “I really just wish I had more time!” or “If there were just more hours in the day!” or my... Read more