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“We are in the business of creating moments that matter for our clients. Diversity of our staff population, thinking, and experience is critical in order to drive transformational change for our clients. Diverse teams produce better business outcomes.”

– Dinesh Venugopal


About Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Concentrix Catalyst, we collaborate with world-class brands to create experiences that reflect the core principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) whenever possible.
Concentrix Catalyst has an established staff-run, executive sponsored DEI collaborative. The collaborative advises on recruiting, career development, and cultural awareness, informing and running continued DEI programs.
The Concentrix Catalyst DEI collaborative researches DEI related news, events, and best practices that can be shared across Concentrix Catalyst to foster a company-wide culture that is DEI aware.
The diversity of our staff population, our thinking, as well as the experiences we create, are all critical to Concentrix Catalyst’s success in driving transformational change for our clients.
We strive to grow and retain a team of individuals not only from diverse backgrounds and cultures, but also with different experiences, perspectives, and passions.
All staff, as well as every company we impact, can achieve more, due to our commitment to creating inclusive work environments.

Our programs and partnerships

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