Salesforce benefits for the tech industry
POSTED : February 27, 2019
BY : Stephanie Gaughen

If you’re in the high-tech industry, you’re probably pretty accustomed to the amount of new technology and constantly shifting in your industry. Because this industry is in a constant state of change, businesses need to advance quickly to stay ahead of their competition and customers’ needs. To do so, Businesses must first take a step back and look at their current practices and think, “what comes next?” We’ve come up with 4 ways for high-tech companies to reap Salesforce benefits and gain a competitive advantage by using Salesforce to streamline their business processes.

Salesforce benefits: Organizational transformation and automation

As technology continues to advance and change the way high-tech companies do business, automating current processes and business models become vital. In order to do this, businesses should adopt a fully-integrated digital platform like Salesforce. Every solution that Salesforce provides in their suite of programs enables you to rapidly modernize and automate processes such as lead assignment, pipeline forecasting, quoting, contract generation, invoicing, and more.

Because we live in a digital age, prospects and customers already expect highly-personalized and streamlined experiences. With all of the integrations Salesforce offers, high-tech companies can build all-in-one software solutions personalized, fully integrated experiences throughout the buyer’s lifecycle:

    • Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM – build a modern sales process with nearly endless options to automate sales such as email integration, calendar integration, task automation, quote generation, goal tracking, renewal visibility, and more.
    • Service Cloud – offer customers a seamless experience while automatically assigning, escalating, and tracking cases internally.
    • Community Cloud – use partner and/or customer Communities to extend Salesforce functionality in a branded Web portal environment.
    • Pardot – Generate more leads and automate email communications.
    • Salesforce CPQ – build a personalized product or licensing packages with bundling, discounting co-terming, and other automated options.
    • Project Management – implement a fully integrated project tracking solution with automation from opportunity or order fulfillment processes.

If it’s not clear already, Salesforce offers an extensive suite of enterprise software systems that allow high-tech businesses to automate, connect, and scale using technology.

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Salesforce benefits: Customer support tracking

In order to provide customers with a better overall experience, adding Service Cloud to your Salesforce suite is crucial. With the addition of Service Cloud, users will have an integrated mobile, live chat, email, and web self-service to deliver a more seamless, omnichannel approach to customer service. Instead of dispatching work or having agents pick work from queues, omnichannel presence and automated assignments route work based on the businesses’ priorities.

You can also escalate cases to your product development team and/or expose reporting trends to developers. This enables your team with invaluable real-time feedback on common issues and a closed-loop mechanism to better prioritize new features and future release plans.

Community collaboration

Salesforce offers customer and partner community portal options for high-tech companies. Community Cloud is a great investment for high-tech companies looking to gain a competitive edge.

Because partners have a significant influence over business growth for high-tech companies, providing a partner community is key. Partner Communities expose certain elements of your Salesforce org to partners so they can log leads, collaborate on deals, and access sales tools to help them close more deals.

Customer Communities offer a fully integrated option for high-tech companies to implement customer Web portals. Brand the Community to your website and customize the environment to your exact needs.

Spark internal innovation

Salesforce Chatter allows high-tech businesses to facilitate a culture of innovation by allowing users to post interesting articles, videos, websites, and more to keep everyone up-to-date on news and trends that can impact their work and make a difference to your bottom line. By sharing this content on Chatter you can bring meaningful change to your organization.

Chatter also connects you to people throughout your organization allowing you to get answers to questions quickly from people in any department or location. You can also get feedback and collaborate to solve problems without reading and managing long email chains.

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