Software Development

Predictions for agile organizations

Growing up in Tijuana, I often came across “zonkeys” in the streets. Painted to look like zebras, these donkeys served as beasts of burden for tourists who came to Tijuana in search of “Old Mexico.” Why donkeys painted like... Read more

Why agile projects fail: 3 ways to break the cycle

Agile is everywhere: More than 97 percent of companies that develop software have some form of agile framework in their delivery cycle, according to the CollabNet VersionOne State of Agile report. Most agile implementations, however,... Read more

Seven beyond marketing features in Salesforce

So, you may have been told Salesforce can be a CRM for your company, but we’re here to tell you about how you can run your entire business on... Read more

Why the field service industry chooses Salesforce to connect field service teams to their customers

In the field service industry, there are numerous moving parts all of which need to be managed efficiently. Your field service team needs to be as productive, efficient, and... Read more

Four ways Salesforce benefits the tech industry

If you’re in the high-tech industry, you’re probably pretty accustomed to the amount of new technology and constantly shifting in your industry. Because this industry is in a constant... Read more

Should you build or buy Salesforce Apps?

The team of Salesforce experts at Concentrix Catalyst had an interesting conversation over lunch today. The debate centered on one, key question: Should you build or buy Salesforce Apps?... Read more

Five reasons to be thankful for your Salesforce consultant

If you’ve made an investment into a CRM and business platform like Salesforce, you know all of the work that goes into ensuring the system is set up correctly,... Read more

Defining a culture of software engineering quality

This series of articles is intended to explore how an organization can promulgate a ‘Culture of Quality’ in software engineering. While I will try to explore this topic in... Read more

Interviewing tips for software requirements gathering

Effective requirements gathering takes practice, patience, and due diligence. However, it’s a vital step in the software development and implementation process. If the right requirements are not gathered to... Read more

Top Salesforce project mistakes costing you real money

The importance of strong software requirements is well documented in the IT and Salesforce communities. Several studies have found that requirements problems are the root cause of software project... Read more