Salesforce brings companies and customers together with Customer 360 — one integrated CRM platform that powers their entire suite of connected apps. By helping your marketing, sales, commerce, service and IT teams work as one from anywhere, Concentrix Catalyst and Salesforce will empower you to keep your customers happy everywhere.

Getting the most long-term value from your investment in Salesforce means taking it beyond CRM to other critical business functions such as marketing, customer service, operations, and accounting. By integrating systems to streamline processes and provide a consistent view of your customers, Concentrix Catalyst’s connected team of Salesforce experts can help you harness the true power of Customer 360.

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Customer Engagement

lead to cash

What is lead to cash?

Stephanie Gaughen

Senior Salesforce Consultant

Loyalty & Connected Membership

Loyalty Leaders: The Consumer Goods Industry

John Bartold

Managing Director, Integrated Loyalty Solutions

Customer Retention

Level up your loyalty program with Salesforce Loyalty Management

Level up your loyalty program with Salesforce Loyalty Management

Mike Hepworth

Managing Director of Salesforce Marketing and Loyalty Cloud

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