A low-cost carrier, well known for being an airline for the young, the young-at-heart, and the value-seeking, the client helps customers “escape from the ordinary.”

Business Need

Having previously leveraged a white label mobile solution, the client decided to embark on a journey to reimagine and rebuild its mobile experience.

The primary goal was to empower familiar users with a faster “look to book” experience, creating stickiness, improving the frequency of booking and ultimately, driving loyalty. The client also wished to deliver an authentic expression of the brand with their mobile experience, a goal that proved challenging due to the constraints of the white label solution.


Concentrix Catalyst completed an Experience Definition phase, a consultative ideation and design process that defines the solution to a specific business challenge. The process helped surface customer pain points and align the team around an experience that authentically represented the client brand and customers.

Understanding that the booking journey on a mobile device can often be cumbersome, the team explored breaking the journey into digestible steps. By reducing the cognitive load, users were afforded increased decision-making time per screen.

Concepts were tested, validated and iterated on with end-users, enabling the team to move into the Design and Build phase with confidence.


The new mobile experience has helped differentiate the brand from its competitors by leveraging the mobile channel to highlight its unique tone of voice and brand positioning.

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