The North Face’s XPLR Pass rebrand
POSTED : March 22, 2022
BY : Concentrix Catalyst

The North Face’s XPLR Pass loyalty program is the cream of the crop in the retail industry. Just ask Newsweek, as they named it one of America’s Best Loyalty Programs for 2022. If you’re wondering how you can recreate TNF’s approach to the recent redesign and rebrand of the program, we have the answers.

Concentrix Catalyst recently participated in a virtual discussion with Erica Hood, Director of Global Loyalty at The North Face, hosted by the Wise Marketer. Below, we highlight some of the key takeaways of our work on TNF’s XPLR Pass redesign and rebrand that may inspire you to shake up your own loyalty program. 

  • Plan on taking a year to revamp your program. With one year, the pace isn’t too fast or too slow. Make sure you know what resources you have to allocate for this amount and type of work. 
  • Think about who to research. The North Face’s loyalty team initially performed research on their members because they wanted insights from those who have already experienced the program. However, they are doing research now on non-members learn what rewards and experiences would draw people into the program. 
  • Simplify the process. What is the value that you’re offering through the customer’s interaction with your brand? That’s where TNF simplified. Their program design is not as simple as just earning a point for every dollar—now, for every 100 points you get, you get $10 in rewards with a max of $50 for one rewards cycle. The rewards are rich, which keeps members engaged. 
  • Manage your community. Currently, TNF is building out what they believe is the future of a 2-way community and conversation. They’re looking to get more structured feedback from member surveys, but the end goal is to have an evergreen space to interact with members.   
  • Measure success with KPIs. Some KPIs to consider are the proportion of members compared to non-members driving revenue, the size of your member database, and retention rate to understand how the program is working for current members. You can also look at more financially-driven metrics in terms of member vs. nonmember (such as how much each group is spending per transaction). Purchase frequency can also be used as a metric to determine increased engagement for current members. 

Watch the video of the whole discussion to learn in more detail how The North Face redesigned their loyalty program, including: 

  • Core principles of brand membership shared by Catalyst and The North Face 
  • How to incorporate a holistic view of feature design value through best-practice membership models  
  • Why a successful ecosystem of benefits can differentiate one program from the rest 
  • How the fundamentals of loyalty are evolving 
  • Why TNF decided to rebrand 
  • How customer-centered design played a role in the rebrand 
  • What the next phase of the program looks like for The North Face 
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