back to work safely
POSTED : July 15, 2020
BY : Raja Roy

As the U.S. economy reopens, most companies are facing difficult decisions about how to bring employees back into the office. While some opt for indefinite work from home policies, many companies will require employees to return to the workplace in the near future. They find themselves challenged by how to safely monitor employee health and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In Concentrix Catalyst’s recent webinar, Raja Roy, VP of Technology at Concentrix Catalyst, and Anil Yanamandra, Mobility Solutions Architect, discuss how private enterprises can benefit from implementing their own contact tracing apps to better promote employee safety. They examine the merits of contact tracing apps and demo Concentrix Catalyst’s proprietary solution.

About the Presenter

Raja Roy is vice president of technology at Concentrix Catalyst. As the experience engineering firm, Concentrix Catalyst works with world’s most customer-obsessed companies to create pioneering experiences and accelerate outcomes. Raja has nearly 20 years of experience leading technology strategy, initiatives and innovation for Fortune 500 brands.

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