connected moments
POSTED : March 25, 2020
BY : Kris Klein

Life-changing events have a way of creating moments that matter that can bring people together. While the current crisis has forced many of us into isolation, it’s also created opportunities to connect in new and innovative ways.

While we may be practicing social distancing, the global community that we’ve built over the past 20 years remains strong. Because of this durability, we are able to make quick decisions that protect everyone’s health while staying well-connected. We’ve suspended all non-essential travel, improved our telecommuting infrastructure and remain prepared to adapt as the situation evolves. We are all responsible for flattening the curve and protecting the most vulnerable in our society, and Concentrix Catalyst takes that responsibility seriously.

Our ability to connect is more reliant on digital than ever before

This new normal has upended our lives and made us more dependent than ever on digital experiences. A simple trip to the grocery store is fraught with unprecedented risks, forcing many people to consider delivery for the first time. That said, the global supply chain, though always essential, is now as apparent to the average person as Amazon’s inability to schedule next-day service. Nearly everyone has become intimately familiar with the challenges and rewards of remote work. Our connection to our community and our health and well-being now relies on digital more than ever before.

Our clients have stepped into the physical void created by this crisis and are meeting the challenge in impactful ways. Frictionless access to healthcare during a pandemic can have a positive ripple effect on the entire community. In support of this goal, CommonSpiritHealth has opted to suspend billing for patients undergoing COVID-19 tests and treatments. By putting the lives of their patients over and above all other considerations, they’re taking action that will protect the community.

As people begin to feel the pinch of the economic slowdown, American Express is allowing cardholders to skip payments without accruing interest. These measures, which might hurt the bottom line, are a lifeline to struggling businesses and workers and will help keep our communities stay connected and intact.

AARP is working to support our most vulnerable populations during this pandemic. Through tele-townhalls and financial support to organizations like Meals on Wheels America, AARP is educating and providing for a generation that needs our help more than ever. More than a membership program, AARP is deploying a safety net for a community at risk.

Some clients are developing direct solutions to the adversity we suddenly face. Esri recently released a Coronavirus Response Solution, a collection of maps and apps that turns ArcGIS into a tool for the public and public health professionals to stay informed as we all combat the spread of COVID-19. Whether it’s a medical facility locator or a community impact dashboard, Esri is expanding our ability to visualize the disease’s impact.

We all have to look out for each other. Even as many self-isolate to protect against COVID-19’s further spread, we don’t want to lose sight of how we can help one another overcome the challenges it has created.

Facing the moments that matter on a global scale

As the team across Concentrix Catalyst adjusts to our new way of operating, a big question on our mind is, how can we help you? In our current client work, it’s taken on many different shapes and forms, from virtual, participatory design sessions on the exploration of collaborative business models for a major shoe retailer to the rapid development of critical, customer-facing features for Midas‘ franchisee websites. We understand that some companies will need solutions to immediate challenges, while others are looking to the future with long-term scenario planning. And it most likely needs to be done with remote teams. No small task, we know, but we’re on it.

What we’re all dealing with right now is an unprecedented moment that matters on a global scale. We believe that accelerating digital transformation, expanding future of work initiatives and the extension of smart, targeted strategies to plan for the future while retaining existing customers, will keep our teammates and customers safe and better prepared for the future. Here are a few ideas to learn more:

Let us know what challenges you’re facing. If for nothing else, connecting today will help us better understand how to meet this moment and eventually thrive on the other side. Like every other crisis our community has faced together in the last twenty years, this too shall pass. We’re optimistic about the future, and we hope you are too.