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POSTED : January 31, 2018
BY : Stephanie Gaughen

The new customer experience requires businesses to optimize their Salesforce quote-to-cash process. Delivering quotes and invoicing customers are critical steps in the quote-to-cash process.

We regularly hear from customers that they need help optimizing their quote-to-cash processes. Although, sometimes they might not know exactly what to call it.

Instead, they may say things like, “I need better and more accurate quoting”, “I need to reduce billing administration overhead”, “I need to have a single view of my business” or “My team needs transparency when a customer has a question about billing”.

They often are still using Excel, home-grown solutions, or other disconnected front and back-office processes and systems.

Most companies today are looking for an “all-in-one” solution for their business. It is no longer acceptable to run a business on multiple disconnected software platforms.

The solution? Salesforce CPQ + Billing can bring it all together to transform your quote-to-cash processes.

Configure and Price

Guided selling tools available in Salesforce CPQ can help your sales team quickly search your product catalog to find the right product or combination of products. Next, rules-based product selections ensure sales are always correctly bundling products with add-on warranties or services. Then, sales reps are empowered to apply pre-approved discounts or volume-based pricing to put the best pricing offer in the quote.

Quote and Contract

Sales management or finance teams can review discounts easily and quickly with automated approval workflows from any device. Pre-approved dynamic terms and conditions can be added to the quote to accelerate the negotiation process. And finally, once the proposal quote is ready for the customer it can be professionally formatted and branded for your business through custom templates.

Amend and Renew

Flexibility to amend or modify contracts is important. It’s easy to add upgrades or other add-ons to Contracts once they are in Salesforce. Modifications like returns, swaps or cancellations are simple and easy. And for businesses using a subscription-based model, renewals can be completely automated.


Simplify order capture by generating the order directly from the quote. All of the details from the configuration and pricing and any modifications made are automatically and accurately transferred to the order. You also have the flexibility to split the quote into multiple orders or by line item. And it can all be connected to your back office system with ERP integrations.

Bill and Pay

Salesforce Billing can automatically schedule invoices based on orders. You can manage various recurring billing programs, such as trials, refunds, and discounts. Integration of all current payment methods and leading payment gateways means customers are able to electronically pay invoices, reducing the time from lead to cash, and improving your cash flow.

With a full audit trail of every action within Salesforce, including recorded e-signature approvals, you can reduce the time and effort required to answer any customer inquiries, meaning all issues can be handled quickly and professionally.

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