Build breakthrough customer acquisition strategies.

For some companies, customer acquisition requires that they simply fill the top of the funnel through traditional advertising and promotion. But for most, winning customers is far more complicated than that. However, marketers can overcome challenges and barriers through breakthrough customer acquisition strategies.

Building breakthrough customer acquisition strategies

Customer acquisition represents one of marketing’s two core objectives, but the theory and science of acquisition strategy lag far behind its retention and loyalty counterpart. Retention and loyalty strategy deal with existing customers, so your task is simplified by knowledge of these customers. You know their purchase behaviors and what motivates them. By contrast, acquisition strategies deal with new or potential customers, so your task is significantly more difficult. You do not know the customer, they do not know you, and getting them to show up requires more work. This guide will help marketers learn to overcome hurdles in scenarios in which customer acquisition is particularly challenging.

Download this guide to learn more about:

  • Seven steps to rebuilding your customer acquisition strategies based on solid foundations of customer behavior and market opportunity
  • How you can easily win customers
  • Why developing innovative, well-targeted advertising and promotions don’t always work.
  • How to overcome the core barriers that prevent you from successfully acquiring new customers.

About the author
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Loren Bors is a Manager at Concentrix Catalyst, where he helps businesses attract, grow and retain customers. Loren has worked with companies of all sizes and types, from the B2B software Fortune 50 enterprise to the four-person startup, and specializes in assessing market opportunities and designing programs that engage with customers on their terms.