Playing an instrumental role as a steward of the environment for future generations.

We are passionate about building a better society.

Concentrix Catalyst’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond a corporate mission statement. As the experience engineering company, we make sustainability an integral part of the outcomes we produce for our clients, partners, and employees. The social, economic, and environmental impact of our global community will last for generations, and we want to make sure it’s for good.

Read more below about our initiatives on sustainability and climate change.

Our Commitment

  • Sustainability Policy

    Concentrix Catalyst recognizes the impacts of its business operations on three key pillars of Sustainability as it pertains to people, planet, and profit.

  • Climate Change Policy

    Concentrix Catalyst is committed to making continuous efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and source Green energy.

  • Energy Management Solutions

    Concentrix Catalyst powers Energy Management Solutions (EMS), which has provided energy and utility management strategies for more than 200 commercial and industrial enterprises since 2005.

Tom Mitchell

Concentrix Catalyst aims to follow and promote sustainable business practices that will allow all to thrive in a just and healthy world.

Tom Mitchell

EVP, Sustainability Chair

Our Thought Leadership

Digital Engineering

Implementing IoT sustainability measures for better business results

Implementing IoT Sustainability Measures For Better Business Results

Shawn Ennis

Director of Edge

Energy & Utilities

new horizon for utilities

New horizons for utilities

Sukesh Belenje

EVP of Emerging Industries

Business Optimization

sustainability digital transformation

Sustainability Transformation is Digital Transformation

Shawn Ennis

Director of Edge

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