BotScope helps companies implement Concentrix Catalyst’s Bot Reliability Engineering (BotRE™) methodology, which provides an overarching framework that enables bots to flawlessly execute thousands of processes. BotScope does this through:

  • Event logging: Tracks historical bot performance data and alerts businesses when a failure is likely to occur.
  • Visualization: Through a unified dashboard, offers a highly accessible overview of bot performance, from any device, that is customizable for business leaders and individual business units. Accommodates multi-RPA tool integration.
  • Cross-bot telemetry monitoring: Provides insight into how bots interact and impact each other.
  • Data ingestion: Analyzes patterns and workflows to uncover the source of failures and detect anomalies earlier.

Since the platform’s inception last fall, Concentrix Catalyst has introduced a number of new capabilities to provide resilient operations with automation, including:

  • Compliance and governance: Ensures compliance with federal and corporate regulatory standards, including HIPAA, PCI and PHI. Provides governance around bot execution and lifecycle, and enables bots to be used for compliance purposes.
  • Unified dashboard and multi-RPA tool integration: Offers a highly accessible, 360-degree overview of bot performance from any device, which is customizable for business leaders and individual business units. Provides insight into how bots interact and impact each other.
  • Beyond business process bots: Pandemic volatility and uncertainty is pushing industries towards contactless customer support using chatbots, automated IT operations and evolution of physical robots in factories, warehouse-style operations. The BotScope platform is built to scale not just for RPA bots but also for chatbots, AIOps and robotics.

Whether an enterprise uses an RPA product with a thick or thin client, in the cloud or on-premise, BotScope’s unique, patented approach can solve the most critical challenges to implementation. It empowers enterprise businesses to observe, monitor, trace and be alerted to bot failures to help in efficient operationalization of bots and smooth ongoing operations.

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