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Loyalty leaders


The World’s # 1 CRM and loyalty services firm

Salesforce and Concentrix Catalyst are joining forces for an exclusive video series on leading with loyalty. In episode one, we dive into the state of loyalty in retail today and what the world’s most customer-obsessed brands are doing to remain relevant.

As a Forrester recognized leader in loyalty services, Concentrix Catalyst has reimagined loyalty for brands across industries. Discover how we’re inventing the science behind behavioral and emotional loyalty.

PK is now Concentrix Catalyst, the experience design and engineering team of Concentrix, a leading global solutions company that reimagines everything CX through strategy, talent, and technology. 

Loyalty leaders

Watch the on-demand video and discover:
  • The market drivers that are pushing a refocus on loyalty.
  • How retailers are evolving their loyalty programs with unique mobile technology.
  • Why younger generations are looking for genuine emotional connection to brands.
  • Proven technologies and strategies for omnichannel and hyper-personalization by leading loyalty programs.

Unlock your Loyalty Leader, access the episode here.