[Webinar] How to be an effective API Product Manager

Make your APIs work for you API ownership has taken on new meaning following the Supreme Court ruling in Google vs. Oracle. With copyright infringement of API interfaces a thing of the past, how do companies protect their APIs' value? APIs can no longer be treated as a bunch of integrations. The real value of […]

[Webinar] Five steps to better enterprise CX

Finding your CX north star Customer experience (CX) leaders face enormous uncertainty as we recalibrate post-COVID. With 75% of CX initiatives seeking to accelerate digital transformation, CX efforts need to elevate perspective to “journey thinking” and drive integrated roadmaps across teams and throughout the enterprise. To do journey-level enterprise CX, you’ll need the right tools, […]

[Webinar] The Future of Travel Loyalty Programs: Soaring Beyond Status and Miles

Both consumers and the travel industry are breathing a sigh of relief as travel is bouncing back. But as flights are booked and hotel occupancy increases, does that mean that traveler loyalty will go back to how it once was? The short answer is: probably not. Over the last 18 months, airlines & hotels had […]

[Webinar] Google Cloud Security Summit

In Concentrix Catalyst’s most recent 2020 security assessment of thousands of client APIs, we found that 75% of production APIs had security policy violations and 45% had severe vulnerabilities that represented an immediate risk. As the #1 Apigee Partner in North America for two consecutive years, Concentrix Catalyst believes that security must be a Day […]

[Webinar] Kickstart your sustainability journey with digital engineering

A $12 trillion reason to start your sustainability journey According to McKinsey, the smart money is behind ESG, with over 25%, or $12T, of US assets under management being ESG-rated investments. For most companies, their sustainability journey requires some form of digital transformation. Getting off on the right foot is essential for success. Concentrix Catalyst […]

[Webinar] Why supply chain automation? Deliver on consumer demand with unique solutions

With 56% of retailers experiencing moderate disruption due to the pandemic, supply chain resiliency will be essential to staying competitive amid the emerging risks of this new decade. Our Forrester-recognized automation team has helped brands like Sempra, Sprint, and American Express accelerate time-to-market with automation solutions while fostering agility and resiliency to keep pace with […]

[Webinar] Loyalty tech: Creating connected membership with Salesforce and Mulesoft

With the average company running up to 91 different martech solutions, gaps in customer data can put businesses at a disadvantage. To connect experiences across a multitude of platforms and transit multiple touchpoints requires a proven approach to integration. Join Concentrix Catalyst thought leaders in Loyalty and API as they discuss how to create rich, […]

[Webinar] How Premera Blue Cross transformed facilities, space, and real estate to optimize their workplace

Join us on Thursday, August 12th as we discuss how Premera Blue Cross went from manual ‘swivel chair’ processes and siloed tools to the Nuvolo Connected Workplace platform for IT, Facilities, and Workplace teams to collaborate on a single system. We’ll discuss the essential data they are capturing and the data analysis advantages they expect […]

[Webinar] Maximizing low-code productivity

According to Gartner, every dollar a business spends on digital innovation will require three dollars to modernize its legacy application portfolio continuously. As a result, enterprises will need a proven application approach to reduce ongoing cost and gain the most benefit. Join David Soden and David Darby of Concentrix Catalyst and members of the OutSystems […]

[Webinar] Automation is the new fabric

In today’s digital world, a convergence of automation technologies including robotic process automation (RPA), low code tools, native integration platforms (iPaaS), process intelligence, chatbots, and machine learning make up the automation fabric. These tools are transforming the way that businesses are getting work done. Join us for a panel discussion featuring industry automation experts from […]

How to run a top tier sales enablement organization in 2022

REGISTER FOR THE LIVE WEBINAR ON THURSDAY OCTOBER 21 While the motto of 2021 could be “uncertainty is the only certainty,” sales and enablement leaders have demonstrated incredible resilience in adjusting, hitting, and achieving their targets. While the last couple of years may have felt like a constant state of transition, many of us are […]