Webinar: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Analytics

In this webinar, the presenters will briefly unpack the history of geospatial epidemiology and also present relevant customer case studies. The presentation will also deliver a step-by-step demonstration on how to integrate real-world data on diseases and epidemics with self-service analytics to deliver actionable insights to enable rapid response to a disease outbreak or pandemic.

Webinar: Keeping operations up and running with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

In this webinar, we’ll examine the challenges in our current stay-at-home work environment, how RPA can be used as a potential solution, and practical applications for RPA across industries. Attendees will gain exposure to innovative concepts on how RPA can be leveraged for efficiency, speed, accuracy and acceleration of work processes.

Better bots for an automated future

In this webinar we’ll discuss bot instability and its impacts on the scaling of automation across an organization. Using PK’s proven approach to bot operationalization, including tracing, telemetry and recovery management, we’ll give you the tools to establish ROI for your RPA program.

Workshop: Getting Started with Spatial Analytics

Heather Harris, Practice Director of Intelligence and Analytics at Concentrix Catalyst, Alteryx ACE and author of Citizen Gain: Citizen Data Scientists as the Catalyst for the Modern Analytics Strategy, along with members of her data science team, takes you through a geospatial journey in this workshop on spatial analytics.

Webinar: Is test data holding you back?

Webinar: May 7th, 2020 View Recording Leverage AI and Machine Learning to accelerate test automation As automated testing attempts to adapt to rapid release schedules, often the test data can’t keep up. Test data can be a costly, time-consuming nightmare to create and maintain, not to mention the security and compliance risks. To achieve better […]

Webinar: Winning with experience-focused customer success

In this 45-minute webinar, we will explore the essential building blocks of a world-class Customer Success program and dispel common myths around what it takes to help your customers be successful. We'll provide practical tips on how to assess your plan and adjustments you can make to drive retention and customer satisfaction.

Webinar: Planning for uncertainty

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:
-Run a virtual scenario planning workshop.
-Drive team alignment around a shared forward path.
-Interpret and devise a plan to respond to the structural changes impacting your industry.