Data & Analytics

We shift perspectives on data, aligning the thrill of problem-solving with resilient solutions and bringing work and life back into balance.

Turn information into action faster than the competition. Concentrix Catalyst draws upon the best available analytics technologies and BI platforms to accelerate insights and data-driven outcomes. We deliver measurable value by integrating modernized data architecture, visualization, self-service analytics, and data science methods.


  • Intelligence Strategy

    Accelerate and enable the adoption, confidence, and usage of engineered intelligence for business value outcomes.

  • Data Engineering

    Fuel engineered intelligence with data in a modern responsive and secured ecosystem, including the cloud.

  • AI & advanced analytics

    Infuse deeper insights for engineered intelligence decisioning from data, using AI, ML, and Advanced Analytics.

  • Business Insights

    Empower people and systems with engineered intelligence for enhanced and faster decision-making with greater confidence.

  • Customer Analytics

    From customer insights to loyalty analytics, our accelerators expedite measurement strategies, KPI definition, segmentation, and CLV tracking.

Thought Leadership

Data & Analytics

Redefining Data Science and Machine Learning

Redefining Data Science and Machine Learning

Pablo Salvador Lopez

Principal Data Scientist

Data & Analytics


Three ways to enable human-centered BI

Brad Jackson

SVP of Data & Analytics

Loyalty & Connected Membership

loyalty analytics

Live panel recap: Loyalty analytics

Brad Jackson

SVP of Data & Analytics

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The world generates about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day, but without structure and purpose, all that data does little for business. Learn how you can implement big data analytics into your organization to achieve business goals.

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Brad Jackson

You can’t be one of the 87 percent of organizations with low levels of analytics maturity and meet the expectations of today’s consumers.

Brad Jackson

VP, Digital Intelligence

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