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To connect with today's customers, businesses need to accelerate customer-centricity. We help you achieve the business agility and delivery frameworks to engineer the experiences that matter.

Customer-centric outcomes

Most organizations will tell you that they’ve mastered their customer experience. But impactful CX requires many moving parts. Lack of executive visibility into the customer journey, core teams out of alignment, and organizational pivots taking too long all contribute to an erosion of the customer experience.


At Concentrix Catalyst, customer experience is the foundation for everything we do. As deep practitioners with a long track record of proven success, we bring an array of techniques to any engagement: North Star alignment; continuous learning; current and future state experience blueprints; team integration; human-centered design; and investment guidance. See for yourself why the world’s most customer-obsessed companies partner with us to accelerate their business outcomes—and keep their customers coming back for more.


  • Understand

    After understanding your brand promise and business KPIs, we go deep into prospect, customer, market, and employee insights to understand your current state journeys.

  • Imagine

    Interviews, workshops, and deep-dive sessions help us co-create the vision of where you will go to drive loyalty, accelerate growth and reduce costs, anchoring on CX and the capabilities needed to realize the vision.

  • Prioritize

    We work with you to build and implement a framework for prioritizing key segments and journeys.

  • Design

    Solutions are explored and assessed for feasibility. At this stage, we may introduce prototype design and testing, support product and tech teams with HLSD, and more as needed.

  • Build

    We atomize approved designs and publish detailed functional specifications. Collaborative front-end, back-end, and measurement instrumentation efforts are iterated and completed, as well as QA, UAT, and deployment.

  • Optimize

    We guide you in analyzing performance data, monitoring tests and personalization, and assessing and prioritizing actionable insights. Backlog refinement, feature visioning, testing, and learning insights and innovation areas all go through the CXA lifecycle anew.

Marko Z. Muellner

Our practice is research and data–driven. We partner with diverse CX leaders to establish robust North Star customer journey blueprints to drive all experience, infrastructure, and organizational improvements going forward.

Marko Z. Muellner

Head of Customer Experience Acceleration


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