Sales Performance

Sales Enablement Tools: It’s Time To Invest

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A Modern Sales Process for Sales Teams in a Customer-Driven Economy

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Anatomy of an inside sales organization: Building blocks

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21st Century Selling: Unlocking the Power of Mobile Devices to Improve Sales

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Should Social Media Play a Role in your Sales Efforts?

While social media strategy and program management has traditionally been the domain of marketing and communications managers, sales leaders are increasingly using social media tools and techniques to improve... Read more

Keeping Score: How to Prioritize the Right Sales Opportunities

Accelerating the Sales Cycle: Lesson 3 – Keeping Score: How to Prioritize the Right Opportunities

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Is Telesales Still Effective? Strategies for Success

In spite of the many technological changes that have directly impacted the effectiveness of telephone sales programs, (internet, mobility, caller ID, voice messaging, etc.), Telesales operations continue to maintain... Read more

Quotas: Key Factors When Setting Them for Sales

As we enter Q4, many organizations begin planning for the fiscal next year. At the top of every Sales Executives’ mind is “What are going to be my revenue... Read more

Accelerating the Sales Cycle: Focus on the Buyer’s Purchase Cycle

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Measure What You Treasure: Sales KPIs

Sales leaders are held accountable for top line performance, but many are not aware of the underlying factors hampering results.  In a recent market research study conducted by PK,... Read more