Sales Optimization

The cloud’s silver lining: Long-term customer relationships

Who wins in a cloud-delivered world?  Clearly, and deservedly so, customers stand to benefit the most through choice.  The customer benefits when their software vendor or partner presents them... Read more

Combating sales complexity through specialization: Part 2

In part one of this blog post, we discussed the tell-tale signs that your sellers are navigating an increasingly complex selling field and the impact it has on... Read more

Cloud adoption strategy: Incentivizing your channel

Executive Summary

In a rapidly changing IT environment, partners in the channel are fearful on how they will fit into the new world of cloud computing. Vendors are challenged with... Read more

Unlocking the Power of Mobile Device Performance Metrics

Part 2: Focus on Performance Gains Ahead of Technology

In Part One of our series, we identified and evaluated specific mobile device field enablement scenarios already taking place... Read more

21st Century Selling: Unlocking the Power of Mobile Devices to Improve Sales

Executive Summary:  Given the unique—and rapidly expanding--  capabilities of mobile devices to monitor location data, record sales activities and capture real-time transactions, leading edge sales organizations are leveraging mobile devices... Read more

Specialization: Combating Sales Complexity, Part 1

As companies look for more ways to diversify and expand upon offerings across their value chain, unwanted and typically unforeseen complexities reach the sales force.  A large product portfolio... Read more

Should Social Media Play a Role in your Sales Efforts?

While social media strategy and program management has traditionally been the domain of marketing and communications managers, sales leaders are increasingly using social media tools and techniques to improve... Read more

Sales Enablement: Factors Affecting Performance

In an economy where sales teams are having to do more with less, management has identified sales effectiveness as a top priority. Companies have increased their investment in sales... Read more

Sales Analytics: Focusing on Business Needs

Among sales and marketing leaders we meet, one of the hot button topics we hear about most often is the subject of sales analytics. Often the symptoms are heard... Read more

Keeping Score: How to Prioritize the Right Sales Opportunities

Accelerating the Sales Cycle: Lesson 3 – Keeping Score: How to Prioritize the Right Opportunities

In a previous post we discussed the advantages of mapping your sales process to your Read more