Hello. My Name is…Millennial

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Managing a responsive website redesign: OHSU

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) is a regional leader in healthcare, academic and research programs, with a digital ecosystem as sprawling as its Portland, Oregon campus. Like most... Read more

Take your omnichannel strategy to the next level

Elevate It with a Multi-Device Strategy

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3 ways mobile is enabling omnichannel retail

PK's Retail Management & Customer Experience Practice Lead, Martin Mehalchin, was featured in a guest blog on the Solution Providers for Retail website  regarding mobile's impact to the retail omnichannel... Read more

Hointer as retail technology: The operational impact

This is the final section of our three part series on Hointer. To read Part 1 and 2, click here and here.

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Hointer and the Two Types of Customers

The is the second section of our three part series on Hointer. You can read Part 1 and our introduction to Hointer here.

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Hointer: Disrupting Apparel Shopping

Part 1: Introduction to Hointer

Visiting Hointer, a men’s denim store in the University District of Seattle, is a bit like crawling inside a website. As it turns out, the... Read more

Unlocking the Power of Mobile Device Performance Metrics

Part 2: Focus on Performance Gains Ahead of Technology

In Part One of our series, we identified and evaluated specific mobile device field enablement scenarios already taking place... Read more

21st Century Selling: Unlocking the Power of Mobile Devices to Improve Sales

Executive Summary:  Given the unique—and rapidly expanding--  capabilities of mobile devices to monitor location data, record sales activities and capture real-time transactions, leading edge sales organizations are leveraging mobile devices... Read more

Designing Mobile Experiences

We’re not in Kansas anymore Today’s mobile landscape is an ever-evolving jungle of devices, platforms, and standards, with competing and overlapping features and capabilities. For the customer, this means... Read more