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Common and standardized terminology delivers trusted data for trusted analytics

Most of us are familiar with the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel.  In trying to reach the heavens, a group of people began the erection of a... Read more

Five ways presidential candidates are using analytics

It’s estimated that U.S. politicians will allocate more than nine percent of their media budgets towards digital and social media this year... Read more

Heavy lifting of data as a precursor to successful healthcare analytics

In 1953, a British expedition, led by John Hunt arrived in Nepal.  Hunt selected two climbing pairs to attempt to reach the summit of Mount Everest. The first pair... Read more

Data marts as a sustainability strategy

Grocery chains all across this great land stumbled upon a quirk about human nature that has led to massive profits over time.  We all have a need to be... Read more

At the intersection of DevOps and Millennials

The technology industry is no stranger to Millennials and their collaborative instincts and non-traditional workforce roles. Read how DevOps and Millennials intersect. Read more

Population health as the indicator, gaps in care as the call to action

Most of you who are in the upper half of the age demographic brackets will surely remember a time when all cars came equipped with a dashboard full of... Read more

Gesture-based computing offers digital consumption in a new way

No longer only within the realm of science fiction and gaming, gesture-based computing is taking the tech world by storm. Below is a roundup of expert predictions... Read more

Enterprises leveraging big data for better decisions

Among the effective uses of these high-volume datasets are four key areas in which decision-makers are currently utilizing data...Read more. Read more

Big data and healthcare: What’s ahead?

With the proliferation of smartphones and the Internet of Things, we leave a daily digital footprint of everything from our activity levels and health metrics to our location and... Read more

Harnessing big data for business intelligence

An effective business intelligence (BI) initiative begins with data and requires an understanding of....Read more. Read more