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Developments in big data in supply chain and logistics

Supply chain and logistics experts were hard at work managing data long before Big Data and analytics became staples in every other industry. Read more... Read more

Healthcare business intelligence is the origination, not the destination

The entire spectrum of healthcare has embraced the concept of healthcare data analytics and business intelligence. Reports and surveys have been published in large volumes indicating that this nascent... Read more

Jumpstart your healthcare analytics initiative

We see them by the side of the road all of the time; those poor souls whose automobile battery has come to its inevitable mortal demise. Some chose to... Read more

The analytics elephant is sitting in the waiting room

Whether you are an ambulatory practice, an urgent care center, a hospital, an insurer, an integrated delivery system, an accountable care organization, a health information exchange, a provider hospital... Read more

The perils of careless modeling

PK’s latest blog from Ryan Knauber provides insight into the perils of careless data modelling and the general must-haves for effective predictive modelling. Read more

The Triple Aim is right on target when supplemented by analytics

There are historical indications that the three-legged stool dates back to ancient Byzantium. This type of seating was made popular due to its low cost, ease of portability, lasting... Read more

The lowest common denominator of prescriptive analytics

Prescriptive analytics automatically synthesizes big data, mathematical sciences, business rules, and machine learning to make predictions and then suggests decision options to take advantage of the predictions. Prescriptive analytics... Read more

AP2CD™: The last healthcare acronym you will ever need

Put a freshly grilled steak between two starving dogs and it is inevitable that both canines will fight to their last breath to gain ownership of the morsel. In... Read more

Three tips for managing retail data during back-to-school shopping season

Big Data is helping retailers enhance insights into their customers' purchase decisions, leading to increased sales revenue in the process. Read more

Big data vs. Zika: How researchers are leveraging GIS to save lives

GIS are supported by the massive amounts of data collected by public and private enterprises, allowing experts to zoom in on specific issues. Read more