How we design, build and run the future

We’ve spent the last two decades building end-to-end experiences for the world’s largest brands—experiences that drive meaningful outcomes, faster, and that are fundamentally human in expression. Our brand has evolved over that time, but... Read more

How we approach digital experience design

One of Concentrix Catalyst’s guiding principles is that the best digital experiences are human experiences. To this end, our experience design team collaborates in ways to ensure that our... Read more

Get ahead of the curve with digital accessibility

It’s 2019. The Americans with Disabilities Act has been on the books for almost twenty years, the internet has been mainstream for a quarter century, and mobile devices have... Read more

Personalization strategy framework: Measure your business value

The case for personalization couldn’t be stronger, but many companies still struggle to find the path to their customers’ hearts. Forrester Research reports that more than two-thirds of brands today... Read more

Moments of truth: Designing for real-life patient experiences

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Experience engineering: How utilities can supercharge digital customer experience

Businesses today face disruption on multiple fronts, from climate change to social and demographic shifts to technological breakthroughs in experience engineering. For the energy industry, these mega-trends are particularly... Read more

Designing with Data Insights: An Optimization Strategy

Web analytics tools are more robust and accessible than ever before, but there is still a customer data gap, with too much data and not enough actionable insight. As a... Read more

The digital future needs to be owned

Technology has evolved. Customers are empowered beyond your ability to market to them in traditional ways. The CMO is investing in software and data science. And yet, the typical... Read more

Managing a responsive website redesign: OHSU

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) is a regional leader in healthcare, academic and research programs, with a digital ecosystem as sprawling as its Portland, Oregon campus. Like most... Read more

Customer experience optimization is a party!

Conversion optimization is becoming table stakes for any lead gen or e-commerce site these days. Brands are getting more sophisticated tools, processes, and teams focused on A/B testing and... Read more