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Personalization strategy framework: Measure your business value

The case for personalization couldn’t be stronger, but many companies still struggle to find the path to their customers’ hearts. Forrester Research reports that more than two-thirds of brands today... Read more

2017 critical path: Keeping digital strategy focused

The business landscape is in a period of rapid change with new technologies continuing to flood in, but be wary of chasing fads and adding unproven tactics to your... Read more

The perils of careless modeling

PK’s latest blog from Ryan Knauber provides insight into the perils of careless data modelling and the general must-haves for effective predictive modelling. Read more

ETL performance tuning: Low hanging fruit

This setting tells Data Services how frequently to write to the monitor log. If you are actively watching the execution of a job the monitor log...Read more. Read more

Three tips for managing retail data during back-to-school shopping season

Big Data is helping retailers enhance insights into their customers' purchase decisions, leading to increased sales revenue in the process. Read more

Avoiding the pitfalls of tag management systems

For marketers wrangling multiple tracking tags or making frequent updates, tag management systems can make it much easier to master data tracking, without relying as heavily on developers. Similar... Read more

How a tag management system helps you track data like a boss

Imagine, if you will, a world in which you’ve just launched a brand new email marketing campaign. You’ve taken everything you learned from your A/B testing, customer surveys and... Read more

Breaking down the monolith

Typically when we think about microservices we think about breaking down the monolith. Deconstructing the large custom system into small, autonomous functionally aligned systems. But microservices can also be... Read more

Customer data management challenges

With customer data spread across multiple silos and complex marketing technology stacks, it can be very difficult to get a complete picture of who your customers are, what they... Read more

Customer Data Platforms: shiny new object or soulmate?

Love for the customer may be blooming, but as in any good love story there are conflicts along the way to a happily-ever-after. How do you make good on... Read more