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Enhanced experience: Satisfaction, quality and personalization

Quality has an important role in Satisfaction. Quality is not only a moderator of satisfaction, but it is a direct precursor to satisfaction. It is simply an evaluation by... Read more

Data deliverables: The importance of creating visual impact

We’ve all seen them: uninspiring, black and white reports, positively crammed full of data. If they include a PivotTable or two, consider yourself lucky. These data deliverables usually contain... Read more

The beginner’s guide to Salesforce reports and dashboards

This guide will teach you all about the basics of Salesforce reports and dashboards. Whether you just licensed the platform, are stepping into a new role involving Salesforce, or... Read more

Everyone’s perspective is key in retrospectives

In the early 20th century, an Architect and an Engineer entered a fancy hotel with a roll of blueprints to investigate how to add an elevator to the building.... Read more

Harnessing big data for business intelligence

An effective business intelligence (BI) initiative begins with data and requires an understanding of....Read more. Read more

Minimum Marketable Features: An Agile Essential

“Agile is all about adapting to change; it was built on the foundational principle that business drivers will change and the development teams must be ready to adapt” Organizations... Read more