Mobile trends 2020: Panel discussion recap
POSTED : September 27, 2019
BY : Concentrix Catalyst

On September 4th, 2019, the Concentrix Catalyst team had a blast hosting a cutting-edge e-commerce conference with fellow partners, Magento, an Adobe Company, and Klarna in New York City. The panel provided insights and information into mobile trends. With a focus on mobile strategies for the next year, we got the audience thinking about how to evolve the customer experience with mobile.

There was a great balance of both partners and industry leaders who brought their own expertise when it comes to key trends in mobility. The three main pillars of the event were:

  • The “State of the Union” of mobile
  • Challenges and opportunities for the rest of 2019
  • What merchants and organizations need to have implemented and ready come January 1st, 2020

The panel discussion was built with every company within the digital space in mind. Specifically, marketing, customer experience and e-commerce team, all of which are continually thinking about their mobile presence.

With technology and user expectations shifting, merchants and organizations need to remain ahead of the curve to ensure rewarding mobile experiences. Understanding how customers are engaging with mobile, how their mobile experiences introduce them to both brand and products, are all critical components of understanding mobile trends.

The event covered a lot of ground on driving success in the digital space. Conversion gaps were a hot topic. A conversion gap is the difference in conversion rates between desktop and mobile, and how to minimize this delta. Data, data integrity, and ensuring the collected data is digestible and actionable were all discussed. A third area of focus during the panel discussion was how PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) can assist a website development team to not only improve operational efficiencies but also helps front-end user experiences.

While there were a number of best practices shared, some highlights included:

  • Whatever type or size of the organization, stakeholders always need to ensure that mobile data is clean and actionable.
  • Organizations need to be vigilant when it comes to optimizing the user experience for mobile, which will benefit customers’ expectations as well as internal stakeholders’ goals & objectives.

Didn’t make it to our latest regional event? Concentrix Catalyst will be hosting more of these intimate gatherings starting again in 2020 throughout the United States.

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