Loyalty Engagement 2020: Innovation Summit recap
POSTED : October 15, 2019
BY : Concentrix Catalyst

On October 3rd, 2019, the Concentrix Catalyst team attended CrowdTwist’s Loyalty Innovation Summit in New York CityCrowdTwist is an industry-leading provider of comprehensive and patented multichannel loyalty engagement solutions. Their summit attracted both partners and industry leaders looking to gain unique insights into how some of the world’s leading brands are electrifying growth and building passionate customer bases with engagement and loyalty strategies. 

The main discussion topics of this event were: 

  • Loyalty marketing 
  • Personalization 
  • Customer experience 

Clay Walton-House of Concentrix Catalyst and Ruth Walker of Disney had the honor of hosting an informative fireside chat where they discussed reimagining customer loyalty for Disney Movie Insiders and how Disney’s commitment to outstanding customer experiences is advancing the future of loyalty. Insights on the importance of personalization highlighted best practices, helping attendees leave with a clearer vision on their loyalty plans for 2020.  

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