Liberation 2019 event recap
POSTED : November 15, 2019
BY : Concentrix Catalyst

Liberation by Medecision was held on October 22-24th in Dallas, Texas where transforming healthcare for the better was the main focus along with what is being done by fellow partners and customers working to create a seamless customer and employee experience, reducing costs and more to drive impactful outcomes through patient engagement.

The main discussion topics supporting the theme of “Bold Moves” were:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and the distinct roles of both technology and physicians in boldly transforming medicine
  • Promoting authentic human connection around the world via pinksocks.

The event also featured sessions on new tools in medication management and care model redesign.

The goal of this event was to dig deeper into the methods that are stimulating the result of better care for people and their loved ones. Medecision brought in a community of like-minded Liberators who have the craving to challenge and tackle industry-related problems and advance healthcare capabilities.

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