Enterprise delivery engine seamlessly integrates all DevOps functions
POSTED : June 30, 2017
BY : Concentrix Catalyst

Concentrix Catalyst, formerly Concentrix Catalyst, today announced the launch of its Enterprise Delivery Engine (EDE), which fully integrates all DevOps components into a single, seamless platform that optimizes delivery of new features and services.

The automated EDE provides a single-pane view of an enterprise, with metrics that reflect business success or failure, and allows you to learn about your users and your business with real-time feedback. The EDE integrates processes across project planning, building, testing, deployment and monitoring, with controls to ensure quality, traceability and compliance. The engine is technology-agnostic and works within a company’s existing enterprise toolset.

Using Concentrix Catalyst’s EDE, businesses can leverage the power of DevOps to eliminate silos, increase productivity, streamline the feedback process and reduce time-to-market, enabling multiple releases per day. Teams are empowered to manage their own DevOps workflows while adhering to enterprise-level quality, compliance and functionality.

“Concentrix Catalyst’s EDE platform enables continuous delivery, testing, integration and deployment, so you can meet your business’ needs more quickly,” said Vijay Ijju, CTO, Concentrix Catalyst. “It’s a powerful accelerator for the DevOps journey, enabling organizations to realize the benefits in months rather than years.

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