EggPlanet 2019 event recap
POSTED : October 25, 2019
BY : Concentrix Catalyst

On October 9th-10th Team Concentrix Catalyst, among many other partners and industry leaders gathered in Philadelphia to attend EggPlanet 2019. EggPlanet consisted of a 2-day multi-session conference where attendees showcased how automation can drive real business value.

During this event Concentrix Catalyst launched “BotScope,” the first and only bot monitoring and operationalization platform for Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Our team led demonstrations of Eggplant as a test tool and RPA solution.

Many companies in the early stages of implementing automation need to simplify systems to accelerate adoption. Better user experience is the driving factor behind automation’s continuous improvement and enterprise-wide adoption. By optimizing your bots, you are enhancing the overall experience for both your employees and customers through seamless operations.  BotScope gives you a single view into the performance of your bots: when they last ran, the issues they faced and what exactly they need to continue operating at a high level.

These insights on optimization with RPA continue to expand the limits on what’s possible across all industries.