Concentrix Catalyst unveils BotScope to drive greater RPA value
POSTED : October 9, 2019
BY : Julie Donovan

New platform streamlines bot operationalization and simplifies monitoring of automated business processes

(Oct. 9, 2019) – Concentrix Catalyst, the experience engineering company, today announced its unified operations management platform called BotScope, which makes it easy to operationalize bots. Concentrix Catalyst is showcasing the platform’s capabilities during the Eggplanet 2019 conference taking place Oct. 9-10. in Philadelphia.

Enterprise adoption of robotic process automation (RPA) is skyrocketing, but few tools have emerged to help companies use bots at scale to automate repetitive manual tasks. Concentrix Catalyst’s BotScope tool enables companies to reliably deploy, operationalize and monitor bots. It helps businesses predict failures, intervene quickly when errors occur, troubleshoot implementation challenges and optimize workflows. With BotScope, organizations can scale digital operations and increase the speed and quality of service without compromising customer experience.

BotScope helps companies implement Concentrix Catalyst’s Bot Reliability Engineering (BotRE™) methodology, which provides an overarching framework that enables bots to flawlessly execute thousands of processes. BotScope does this through:

  • Event logging: Tracks historical bot performance data and alerts businesses when a failure is likely to occur.
  • Visualization: Offers a highly accessible overview of bot performance that is customizable for business leaders and individual business units.
  • Cross-bot telemetry monitoring: Provides insight into how bots interact and impact each other.
  • Data ingestion: Analyzes patterns and workflows to uncover the source of failures and detect anomalies earlier.

Whether an enterprise uses an RPA product with a thick client or thin client, in the cloud or on premises, BotScope’s unique, patent-filed approach can solve the most critical challenges to implementation. It empowers enterprise businesses to observe, monitor, trace and be alerted to bot failures to help in efficient operationalization of bots and smooth ongoing operations.

“Bots can automate thousands of manual repetitive tasks such as transferring information between departments or invoice processing, but only if companies have the right tools and processes in place to use them effectively,” Raja Roy, EVP of Digital and Cloud Engineering at Concentrix Catalyst, said. “Our platform empowers the people who best understand the tasks that bots perform to optimize their performance and stay a step ahead of errors by understanding what causes them.

“A new, connected way of working is coming where humans, bots and objects interact. This means that platforms and tools have to evolve to handle complex interactions between humans and bots in order to drive successful business outcomes. With BotScope, enterprises can solve telemetry challenges and intelligently execute bot processes,” Roy said.

To learn more about BotScope, BotRE™ and how Concentrix Catalyst helps companies develop competitive advantages with RPA, click here.

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