Wellness programs aren’t working well. Here’s what insurers can learn from Starbucks
POSTED : March 19, 2021
BY : Stephanie Cohen

Why are wellness programs failing to achieve desired outcomes? Current incentives are not proving to be a motivating factor for the target audience. The members who need the program the most—those who exhibit unhealthy tendencies—are least likely to engage as it will require making big lifestyle changes.

To combat inertia and make wellness programs more effective, insurers can apply key learnings from leading loyalty programs across industries. Impactful loyalty programs leverage customer experiences and are designed to trigger emotional and behavioral response. By applying similar tactics, insurers can design and improve wellness programs that motivate members to change their lives for the better, while also reducing healthcare spend.

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About the author

Stephanie Cohen serves as Senior Loyalty Strategist, Integrated Loyalty Solutions at Concentrix Catalyst, where she leads loyalty engagements to deliver innovative and bespoke loyalty strategies and experiences to customer-obsessed brands and their customers. Working with clients across industries, she is responsible for ensuring that clients meet their objectives and improve customer loyalty, engagement and profitable behaviors.