10 ways to prevent an API data breach
POSTED : July 13, 2020
BY : Lou Powell

While companies may have policies, procedures and protections in place for run-of-the-mill breaches, such as phishing and malware, many are being caught off guard by a new threat. Household brand names, like Facebook and Panera Bread, among others, have experienced a new breed of costly breach. How can companies protect sensitive customer and organizational data from bad actors seeking to exploit this new security weakness?

APIs are fast becoming one of the most attacked surfaces on the internet. APIs are the invisible nuts and bolts that connect modern digital life. They securely bridge two or more separate applications, working in tandem with them to make satisfying digital experiences possible. Despite their importance, many companies have either ineffective or nonexistent API-specific security programs.

I’ve laid out ten proven approaches to guide organizations in becoming more security-focused. Our best practices for API data and programs address increased collaboration and a shift toward customer-centricity, while streamlining internal practices to allow for agility, speed and security.

By implementing these transformational practices, you can ensure your APIs increase productivity without sacrificing security. A few of our 10 ways to improve API data security include:

  • Build cross-functional teams.
  • Create a robust training program.
  • Use repeatable processes and standards.
  • Develop prebuilt and preapproved components.
  • Adoption of flexible governance.

It’s never easy transforming your culture but practicing these concepts will allow your teams to shift toward transparency and customer-centricity, with a security-focused mindset. As a result, you will develop accelerated solutions that are better defended against attacks.

To see our full list of the 10 ways you can protect against an API breach, see the original article at Forbes.

Find out which of your APIs are at risk and what steps you can take to protect your company’s data.

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