Concentrix Catalyst: Helping M&E companies outperform, exceed expectations
POSTED : June 11, 2021
BY : Concentrix Catalyst

Concentrix Catalyst talks to MESA M+E Daily about Concentrix Catalyst’s unique partnerships with M&E companies

When it was founded in 2004, the premise behind Portland, Ore.-based global services firm Concentrix Catalyst seemed simple enough: help digitally native companies deliver top-tier experiences, via services centered around design and strong technology.

Nobody could’ve guessed just how big Concentrix Catalyst would actually become.

Servicing nearly a dozen industry sectors today—helping everyone from healthcare to financial services to retail and media, modernize, improve customer loyalty, and transform their operations—Concentrix Catalyst now has offices across nearly two dozen countries, with a workforce of 4,500-plus and more than 200 clients across multiple industries.

Jeffrey Thompson, media and entertainment VP and client partner with Concentrix Catalyst, spoke with MESA about the evolution of Concentrix Catalyst, its approach to an ever-expanding media and entertainment business, and why data may be M&E’s biggest opportunity (and challenge).

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