Why HR is critical now to preventing phishing and cyberattacks
POSTED : October 7, 2021
BY : Ryan Riggs

After a record year of data breaches highlighted widespread vulnerabilities, many enterprises are rethinking their cybersecurity strategies. Organizations that enabled remote access or moved to the cloud and work-from-home quickly out of necessity as the pandemic spread are finding that they may not have fully addressed security dependencies in the process. Industry experts expect that hackers are both aware of these emerging vulnerabilities and working to exploit them. As a result, large-scale phishing and cyberattacks are expected to continue to proliferate well into 2022, affecting even those organizations that are veteran cloud users.

HR has a critical role to play in breaking this cycle. Unlike the role IT plays, where leaders are often focused on business-critical systems and the tech stack, HR leaders have a holistic view of the organization and the people and processes that power it. As such, HR is in a unique position to effect change. From developing and implementing company-wide training programs and formal collaborations with IT to revamping hiring and security policies, HR leaders can work proactively to help the organization prevent phishing, ransomware, and other attacks.

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About the Authors
Ryan Riggs: Why HR is critical now to preventing phishing and cyberattacksRyan Riggs is the managing director of cybersecurity at Concentrix Catalyst. Ryan is an operations and security leader and technologist with deep and diversified business and technology experience in MSPs, Software, Financial Services, Healthcare and Security.

Carissa Destinia: Why HR is critical now to preventing phishing and cyberattacksCarissa Destinia is a Senior Consultant at Concentrix Catalyst, focusing on HR transformation strategy and implementation. She is passionate about improving employee experience and the human experience. She believes when employee experience is at the center of the organization, employees become the best brand ambassador and the organization grows more profitable.