Connected membership
POSTED : August 12, 2021
BY : Stephanie Cohen

Healthcare has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to address low levels of trust and consumer loyalty in the industry. The pandemic reaffirmed the critical role providers play in our lives but also revealed gaps in how people receive care. Organizations that are innovating on what it means to be a member, fostering a stickier and deeper relationship between brand and customer, are forging the future of healthcare.

Through our work with brands across industries, we’ve seen the impact that compelling membership structures can have on the consumer-brand relationship. In the process, we’ve developed our own model of connected membership designed to cultivate products and interactions that touch customers before, during, and after care episodes to increase engagement and consumer loyalty.

Read more about connected membership at Healthcare Business Today, and to discover the future of consumer loyalty, download our whitepaper.

Connected membershipStephanie Cohen serves as Senior Loyalty Strategist, Integrated Loyalty Solutions at Concentrix Catalyst, where she leads loyalty engagements to deliver innovative and bespoke loyalty strategies and experiences to customer-obsessed brands and their customers. Working with clients across industries, she is responsible for ensuring that clients meet their objectives and improve customer loyalty, engagement and profitable behaviors.