How Concentrix Catalyst streamlines collaborative design work with the CC libraries + Powerpoint integration
POSTED : May 11, 2020
BY : Avery Hutcherson

With the CC libraries + Powerpoint integration

As a designer, your mind naturally wants to explore, solve problems, and think outside the box. This creativity can be a superpower, one no designer wants to sacrifice. For most, doing rote tasks that take up mental resources and eat away at your creativity can feel like kryptonite. The trouble is that designers often have no choice but to get bogged down in the slog of repetitive tasks, especially if they’re working on projects with a team of people. One change to a design asset usually means that you have to go back and change each and every file—and then resend it to everyone you’re working with.

I recently spoke with Adobe about how I found a much better way to share design assets with my team. Learn more on the Adobe blog.

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Avery Hutcherson

Avery Hutcherson is a visual designer at Concentrix Catalyst. She focuses on brand management, marketing campaigns and experience design. Combining the production and critical exploration of digital media, Avery has cultivated effective visual communication using the principles of design in order to prompt user response and behavior.