Salesforce Lightning has proved a game-changer for many customers needing mobile-first apps for employees on-the-go. With Salesforce Lightning, you can quickly and cost-effectively build custom mobile solutions. It’s one of the reasons more businesses are moving their software infrastructure to the Salesforce platform.

Concentrix Catalyst recently created a custom mobile solution for a major transportation and logistics company based in the Midwest. The app gives sales reps the ability to send quote information to pricing teams through their tablets. The solution streamlines a complex pricing process and enables reps to get quicker turnaround on customer quotes, which helps them win more deals.

Our enterprise customer is one of the largest logistics providers in the United States. The company’s diverse range of logistics and transportation services includes over-the-road, brokerage, intermodal and international services.


In a business that involves complex operational forces, quoting becomes an intricate process involving several departments and signoffs. There may be multiple modes of transportation in which a load travels. And on top of that, pricing is calculated based on different service lanes and shipping products. Despite those challenges, however, the customer must put quotes together as quickly as possible to stay competitive and win the business. With sales reps on the road all over the country, it becomes difficult to put together pricing proposals if the sales reps don’t have access to the apps they need to submit data used by other members of the pricing team. The customer team had fully embraced the Salesforce platform to run their sales, service, and operations teams. They wanted a mobile-first app built in their Salesforce environment for their sales team to access the data they needed from the road.


Catalyst had strong support from the customer’s internal sales support team, and consultants jointly worked with the team to evaluate options. After gathering and analyzing the requirements, the team chose to build a custom solution using Visualforce and Salesforce1 Lightning.

The project started with a proof of concept, and development progressed through several iterative phases until user acceptance testing (UAT). That type of development process enabled agility in building a highly complex solution.

The resulting Visualforce pages give sales reps the ability to enter data on their tablet devices from anywhere with an Internet connection. The app also includes workflows so that each member of the pricing team is assigned work as the quote is built. Once pricing is accepted, the bid gets pushed to the operations team to implement the work.

The mobile-first Visualforce app has improved the quoting and pricing process for the customer’s pricing team. The mobile app not only meets requirements but also extends the value of Salesforce for a very critical function of their business while improving overall ROI.

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