Telecom leader embraces automation solution for fast development
INDUSTRY : Telecom and Media


The fastest-growing wireless company in America is a global telecom firm that provides mobile communications services to 230 million global subscribers. With end-users expecting a flawless, seamless mobile experience and a marketplace characterized by unprecedented advancements in mobile technology, this wireless leader is constantly on the lookout for ways to optimize the user experience while developing new, differentiating tools and services.


With increasing adoption of smartphones, which require frequent updates, the ability to develop and deploy solutions and software quickly has never been more critical for this company’s bottom line. The client required a dynamic development process for rapid access to appropriate test data.


Marrying the principles of DevOps and continuous integration, Concentrix Catalyst worked hand-in-hand with the wireless provider to implement an automation solution centered on the Selenium suite. In doing so, Catalyst was able to provide testing teams with a continuous, two-way flow of feedback to ensure that failed tests were identified and addressed in the early stages of development.

By providing cross-browser testing, test data management, tool chain support and service virtualization, Catalyst helped enable short, repeated development cycles that integrate developers, testers and domain experts. The service virtualization solution allows developers to easily and quickly simulate and manage test environments, regardless of key components missing from the system architecture, and around-the-clock test development and execution allowed the organization to bring higher-quality software to the market faster and at a lower cost.

Learn how you can leverage AI and Machine Learning to manage test data that can drive your test automation practice.

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