A large shopping facility housing 241 world-class brands needed a new app to enhance membership.


The aim was to attract a wide segment of users by offering exclusive memberships that offer highly customizable services to cater to individual needs. To be completed before the grand opening, the project had a rigid delivery date. Challenges included developing a seamless integration with more than 10 various systems including POS, beacons, and customer management schemes.


Concentrix Catalyst began the Discovery Phase by gathering user needs through interviews while understanding technology requirements and business demands. We generated solution ideas within these requirements, incorporating some of the latest technologies into the package. The project went beyond app development and included creating a backend system connecting various schemes that manage customer data and car valets.


The app was successfully released before the facility opened. Concentrix Catalyst seamlessly integrated eight services from external parties, creating both operational efficiencies and a seamless UX. Offering customer points systems, effortless facility navigation, and services such as parking availability and restaurant reservations, the app drives customer retention by realizing a better experience.

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