24/7 security incident and event management


A leading global workforce management company helps clients attain greater control over their talent supply chains, with solutions used by more than 1,000 workforce management experts in over 50 countries.


With over 15,000 suppliers around the globe using the company’s product, 24/7 monitoring is required. For a front-line security system, companies must maintain constant vigilance to catch hackers, bad actors, breaches or malicious employee activity as soon as they happen. Dealing with 300 incidents every 24 hours, the company didn’t have the resources to thoroughly and reliably monitor issues in-house. Service desk items were getting missed or not being looked at in a timely manner, resulting in a lower overall security posture. They needed a trusted partner with the experience and expertise to ensure their systems remained secure and that potential threats were identified quickly.


As a partner to the company, Concentrix Catalyst provides 24/7 management of its security incident and event management (SIEM) systems. Catalyst filters out the signal from the noise and escalates back any issues that require attention to the company’s team, integrating with their ITSM systems to ensure a positive handoff on each. Catalyst does this accurately and economically using its global delivery team. This saves time and money.

Not only does Catalyst provide front line incident support, but we also recommend changes to improve efficiency and security, ensuring that as our client’s business evolves, they’re keeping up with the times. Catalyst was even able to identify issues that needed prompt attention when the company transitioned to full-time, remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With Catalyst’s help, the company is now able to keep business operations running smoothly and focus their attention on more pressing matters without getting bogged down by 24/7 monitoring of security incident and event management.

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