Reimagining loyalty for Disney
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As one of the largest and most diversified organizations in the world, the Walt Disney Company boasts a dedicated fanbase and generates over $60 billion annually in revenue. Disney Studios, the arm of the company that creates Disney’s content, provides its fans with beloved entertainment including live-action films, traditional and Pixar animation, and the Star Wars franchise. In an effort to increase one-on-one engagement with customers, Disney has been building direct-to-consumer capability within their organization. To keep in line with this strategy, Disney Studios sought to transform its existing loyalty program into a driving force for brand advocacy.


With a thirteen-year-old rewards program that relied on points and transactions, Disney wanted to update what loyalty meant for a new generation of fans. Redesigning the program as Disney Movie Insiders, with a modernized approach to membership, afforded Disney the opportunity to bring in a broader base of customers and add greater value to the customer experience beyond just rewards.

Disney Movie Insiders


Disney Movie Insiders teaser trailer

Concentrix Catalyst began by analyzing the existing program design to help define its future roadmap. Through a series of design sprints, our loyalty team architected a new approach to loyalty, outlining recommendations for its reinvention. Though Disney Movie Insiders kept all the original benefits of original Disney Movie Rewards program, the reimagined program included access to exclusive content, such as a members-only trailer or special editor’s cuts, fun downloadable activities and digital tools for members to manage their personal Disney libraries.

Disney Movie Insiders ticket scannerThe app also contains a scanner to use for movie tickets, expanding the omnichannel experience for fans who want to use their mobile phone to engage the brand in theaters.

We also guided Disney in the selection of a loyalty program platform. Disney needed a simpler and more streamlined platform that they could easily manage themselves. With our extensive knowledge of loyalty program platforms, we partnered with Disney on the platform analysis and selection process, resulting in the selection of Oracle CrowdTwist.

Catalyst then pivoted to helping Disney develop a more valuable loyalty strategy to engage and retain members. This began with progressive profiling, allowing Disney to better understand their members’ preferences to surface the right content and offers at the right time. Disney’s progressive profiling also enabled and informed program personalization for each member of Disney Movie Insiders.

A solid measurement strategy served as the final component of Catalyst’s vision for Disney Movie Insiders. Disney needed to clearly define and measure what success means to its bottom line. Catalyst’s Intelligence and Analytics team designed an analytics strategy, built Tableau dashboards and provided ongoing guidance on reporting and analytics after the launch of the revamped Disney Movie Insiders program.

Through our partnership, Disney has acquired a significant number of new members while reactivating those who had lapsed. As the Walt Disney Company continues its evolution in becoming a direct-to-consumer brand, further integration of membership across the Disney properties, including streaming video on demand, remains a major opportunity.

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