This major cloud vendor has been enabling digital transformation and empowering organizations and people to achieve more since 1985. The ability to remain leaders in the space has been a testament to its continual reinvention of both brand and offerings. From software giant to cloud vendor, the client continues to set the pace for the tech industry as a whole.


Thanks to a rapidly growing segment of cloud market share, the client needed its customers to realize an immediate benefit from their cloud subscriptions so the relationship could grow beyond the initial engagement. But blind spots in the customer journey limited the client’s ability to optimize cloud adoption. Without a view into the business across key workstreams to proactively identify areas of issue, cloud customer deployments were at risk of stalling.

Since successful cloud customers have a proven archetype, such as traits, behaviors, training, and architectures, the client needed to open the aperture on who customers were and how they were leveraging the product. Greater insight into customer achievement of these benchmarks would help the client’s teams uncover areas of opportunity and drive customer retention.


Concentrix Catalyst enabled the client to gain visibility into and measure cloud customer preparedness. We also empowered the client supporting field teams with insights into key steps to drive higher customer readiness. Interventions included an in-depth execution guide for setting up auditing, measurement, governance, resourcing, content and execution.

azure dashboard

Having evolved the client’s systems, we not only improved individual customer and regional readiness for the adoption of cloud subscriptions but also reduced the cost of unnecessary support. Through our work, the client saved $2.8 million in support ticket costs from outage incidents that are now handled through automated alerts. Catalyst’s expertise in data visualization, human-centered insights and data architecture helped reinforce the cloud offering’s dominance in the marketplace.

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