The client is a United States based interest group focusing on issues affecting those over the age of fifty. To better support the healthy brain functioning of both members and non-members, they were looking to launch a new program called, Staying Sharp, which would empower users to maintain and improve their brain health as they aged through evidence-based information and activities.


With users able to choose from articles, recipes, activities, videos, and fun brain games that were designed to fit into their daily routine, the wide array of options presented challenges when it came to actionable data. The client was struggling with a lack of insight into platform engagement, misaligned KPIs, and fragmented web analytics.

better brain health
Source: AARP


Concentrix Catalyst developed a comprehensive program of activities to ensure the data capture, storage, reporting, and point of access infrastructure was designed and implemented to transform the objectives of Staying Sharp. To crystallize customer data into actionable insights, Concentrix Catalyst helped the client to:

  • Complete a full technical web analytics audit, including data layer, information integrity, and Adobe Analytics configuration.
  • Create custom dashboards for insight into user behavior.
  • Implement a Customer Data Platform for robust profiling and insights.

The client now has the insights to better serve consumers seeking to take control of their brain health. The data generated by the fun and engaging brain games and activities are now able to be used to create unique customer profiles that can be used to better personalize offerings and content.

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